The Royal Paris coffee maker isn’t just about brewing the world’s finest coffee or being the celebrated host…

More than a statement of extraordinary taste…

It is a commitment to making every moment of your life extraordinary. To celebrate with those you love, family and friends. It is about elevating every moment and every experience.

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Royal Classic Gold on Malachite.

There is a fascinating story behind every unforgettable moment.

The journey of creating the Royal Paris coffee maker began in the late 1850s. Emperor Franz- Joseph and his wife Elisabeth, whom we all know from the movie “Sisi”, were to host a spectacular Royal banquet that their guests would never forget. Coffee was growing in importance as a bespoke statement of refinement and style.

The Emperor commissioned what would become one of the most exquisite coffee machines still making a bold and remarkable statement today. Our desire at Royal Paris is to recreate this imperial experience for the most discerning palates and those who love to live well.

Luxurious living well punctuated by the aroma and glittering statement of the Royal Coffeemaker bringing demi-tasse par excellence to the world’s finest homes and estates.

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French artist Jean-Luc Rieutort brings to life the exceptional craftsmanship, more commonly seen in fine jewelry. Handcrafted in 24-carat gold, silver or copper adorned with custom-made Baccarat glass, this machine is without a doubt the most extravagant and captivating coffee maker on earth. Experience exquisite coffee made the Royal way with your very own Avant Garde Royal coffee maker.

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Because you appreciate the finest works of art, home furnishings and fashion, you will be fascinated by this most unusual work of “functional art”. The dazzling elegance of serving coffee made “the Royal way”  conjures up images of  The Great Gatsby of places where beauty and class and style ruled. Handcrafted in 24-carat gold with Bacarrat glass, adorned with custom-made Baccarat glass and malachite or azurite base.

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Create a new legacy story. Imagine your very own signature symbols, family crest or initials inscribed on this timeless masterpiece. What if this is your love story, symbols of your journey together, a constant reminder of the beauty of your love while sipping the world’s best brew together every day. From the moment you commission your one-of-a-kind “Royal” a story unfolds.

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The most treasured thing about the Royal Coffee Maker isn’t that you can recreate the ambience of the 1800s European courts, nor the pleasant sound of when the kettle siphons the perfectly brewed coffee, nor that this one-of-a-kind objet adds a striking Neo-classical element to the dining

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The Royal Paris coffee maker is an objet d’art, steeped in history, and a long lineage of Royalty and wealthy collectors, the Royal Coffeemaker is the ultimate statement of elegance conjuring up reflections of Imperial Europe, the Orient Express, and the Great Gatsby, a time when beauty and style ruled.

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