Each material is an
achievement in itself.

From the very beginning, a Royal was designed with a deep reverence for the art of fine craftsmanship. For the raw materials, every choice we made was intended to not merely honor the traditions of the past, but to advance them. From the custom gold alloys to the Baccarat crystal, each element comes together with an unrivaled level of care and precision, giving your Royal a beauty that is both timeless and thoroughly modern.

A more pure 24 karats.

Inspired by the inherent beauty of gold, we created Royal in 24-karat gold. Our metallurgists engineered a custom-alloy, allowing us to achieve the exact hues of yellow we envisioned, without compromising on the element’s unique quality.


The finest crystal in the world.

Since its foundation in 1764, Baccarat has been synonymous with a unique savoir-faire and has come to symbolize an inimitable French Art de Vivre. Ranging from iconic lighting to unique tableware and decorative objects, fine jewelry and tailor-made flacons, their products and tradition of excellence have reached international renown. That’s why, when considering the fastidious manufacture of the crystal carafe used in a Royal, we looked to Baccarat to fashion the world’s finest handcrafted crystal in our designs.

Pristine silver. From the Earth’s crust.

A soft, white, lustrous metal, our silver is extracted directly from the earth’s surface in its purest form. Signifying its enduring role in human culture, silver has been used as a means of currency from as far as 60 AD, further establishing its position in the handcrafted production of a Royal.

The natural patina of malachite.

In order to create the bases of a Royal machine, we had to pioneer new techniques to overcome the challenges of one of earth’s most enduring minerals. Mined and smelted in Israel for more than 3,000 years, our Malachite is formed by the commission of bespoke tooling — requiring significant investment in order to accurately form and polish precisely according to the standards of our craftsmen.

Smelted copper.
Polished to a lustrous finish.

In use for more than 10,000 years, our Copper is mined and extracted from independently owned quarries. The deep glow of our Copper is obtained by our sourcing examples that have acquired a patina with age. Only then can it be used as a metal in the production of a Royal.

Black obsidian.

Sourced from the cooling of felsic lava extruded from a volcano, our specific use of Black Obsidian can only be extracted under minimal crystal growth. It is only under these conditions that it can be sanded and polished by hand in the use of a Royal machine.

The world’s finest azurite.

We begin by insisting that our suppliers source genuine Afghan ‘Lapis Lazuli’ Azurite, widely considered to be the best in the world. Its natural patina of blue and silver swirling deposits make it even more difficult to work as we cut and polish away the silver material to arrive at a final, pristine blue form — both beautiful to behold and highly expensive to produce.