Heirloom Collection

Family stories are often retained in the mind, passed on from generation to generation with worlds. Imagine being able to tell your family story every day with your very own functional masterpiece. Not another piece that is stored in a vault but one that brings your family together over a delightful cup of coffee made the Royal way with your family symbols, secrets and heritage etched in gold. From the moment you commission your one-of-a-kind “Royal” a story unfolds.

What if this is your love story, symbols of your journey together, a constant reminder of the beauty of your love while sipping the world’s best brew together every day.

The design collaboration between you and designer Jean-Luc, our engineers, glassmakers and stone cutter affords us the luxury of bringing together only the finest materials to produce a truly unique, personalized artwork. From the custom gold alloys to the Baccarat crystal, to the semi-precious stone as malachite and azurite, each element comes together with an unrivaled level of care and precision giving your “Royal” coffee maker a beauty that is both, timeless and thoroughly modern. Ready to write your story the Royal way?

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Product information

Size:  H 38cm X W 25cm X D 20cm
Volume kettle: 1 liter

All machines are numbered
Come with numbered Baccarat carafe and
burner glass and semi precious stone base.

The machine comes in 2 styles: Versailles and Avant-Garde.

The machine comes in 4 finishes: Gold – Bi-color – Silver and Copper.

Send us your design, family crest, logo or any other design or sculpture you want to incorporate and we will make an exquisite custom creation that will be a symbol of your family story and legacy.