Let’s start at the beginning

Evolved through countless sketches and hours of model clay forming, each Royal has been meticulously conceived by French artists, sculptors, metallurgists and engineers.

A new precedent is set

Developed out of love for the original balancing syphons seen in European Courts during the 1800’s, each of only the finest materials have been considered in a Royal’s design and construction.

Attention to detail is our hallmark

Brass parts such as the gargoyle, counter weight, oak leaves and finials are created by employing age-old methods of casting using the lost-wax method known as ‘cire perdue’, where more than 5 hours are spent on the spigot’s unique ‘chasing dolphins’ closing system alone.

After casting is complete, the artist works on each individual detail by hand. Elaborate chiseling, brazing and polishing is involved to meet the exacting standards of our French craftsmen, where each part — no matter how small — is treated with the utmost care for Royal’s fine level of detailing.

Tailor your Royal

A selection of styles, materials and accessories await. Each Royal can be finished in gold, copper or silver; with a choice of black obsidian, azurite or malachite to form the machine base.

Quality assured for the finest tasting coffee

Your Royal coffee maker is engineered to create coffee of rare clarity and purity. Every Royal is numbered and is taken through a final test by our Parisian Master Craftsman. Only a limited number of Royal machines will be available.

Baccarat – a partner for perfection

Each Royal is accompanied by two exquisite pieces, both handmade in France exclusively for Royal — the crystal carafe and burner vase.

Since 1764, Baccarat has become internationally renowned for its traditional methods, fastidious detailing and innovative approach to design. That’s why, when contemplating the design of a Royal, we considered nothing less.

How it works.

Discover how a Royal effortlessly transforms some of the finest coffee strains in the world with an unmistakable purity and clarity of taste.

A thorough plating process. Accomplished entirely by hand.

In keeping with Royal’s world-class quality, all finishing is painstakingly done by hand. Only through such laborious, manual work are our craftsmen able to achieve a jewelry-class finish — where it is inspected, quality-checked and perfected across a series of appraisals to meet our exacting high standards. It is this very attention to detail that translates to Royal’s exquisite gold and silver plated finishes. Unlike so many other products that are “mass finished”, each Royal is individually held and worked upon by hand during each stage of the finishing process. Additional time and care is devoted to these critical stages, with the final result evoking a bespoke finish of lasting beauty.

View handcrafted options and specify your finish.

With a Royal coffee maker, everything is possible.