The crowning of a perfect meal - Royal Coffee Maker The crowning of a perfect meal - Royal Coffee Maker
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The crowning of a perfect meal

Even at the most lavish dinner parties and events, coffee and its various accoutrements seem like somewhat of an after-thought. The focus is usually on the wine and on the tablescape, but coffee is coffee. Or is it? Once upon a time, the partaking in coffee was a special and refined ritual but has now become fairly casual. As modern society has lost the ability to make even the smallest of experiences a luxury, tradition, for the most part, has been lost. This shift beckons just one question for those infatuated with old-world charm: can we get it back?

If only we knew how. Enter Royal Coffee Maker by Royal Paris, a 24-karat gold, semi-precious syphon brewer. An objet
d’art in its own right, it’s a beautiful replica of the coffee maker used by Emperor Franz Joseph, the most respected and beloved member of the Habsburg dynasty, at his legendary banquets.

Designed in collaboration with French artist Jean-Luc Rieutort, the Royal Coffee Maker is a technical masterpiece. Made as a bespoke piece in limited edition, each creation is custom-made to your requirements, numbered and taken through a final test by our master craftsmen. Monsieur Rieutort spends more than 50 hours chiselling each object, and the glasswork is custom-made, numbered and hand-painted at the Baccarat factory in Nancy, France. A semi-precious stone such as malachite, obsidian orazurite is custom-polished and machined in Germany, followed by a preferred finish of
24K gold, copper or silver. Family crests or initials can be engraved for added heritage appeal.

The most treasured thing about the Royal Coffee Maker isn’t that you can recreate the ambience of the 1800s European courts, nor the pleasant sound of when the kettle siphons the perfectly brewed coffee, nor that this one-of-a-kind object adds a striking Neo-classical element to the dining experience. It may very well be the potent alchemy that the Royal Coffee Maker taps into, elevating the art of the post-meal to its true worth. Don’t let after-dinner be an after-thought, make it a masterpiece.

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