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Is The Royal Paris Coffee Maker The Most Luxurious Coffee Machine In The World?

With the rise in popularity of capsule coffee machines, the ‘art of coffee’ has become somewhat of a lost practise nowadays. When speed and convenience are high on the list of priorities for those brewing their morning dose of caffeine, the artistry and rich history of coffee seem lightyears away.

Royal Paris aims to bring the ritual back, to reinstate the craftsmanship, and to once again celebrate the elegance and indulgence of high quality coffee. Enter the Royal Coffee Maker. Is the Royal Paris coffee maker the most luxurious coffee maker yet? The 50-plus hours of handcrafting that goes into creating each siphon brewer and the finishing coat of gold, silver, or copper (your choice, of course) certainly suggests that yes, the Royal Coffee Maker will be sure to brew the most exquisite cup of coffee yet.

Designed in collaboration with French artist Jean-Luc Rieutort, Royal Paris’ Royal Coffee Maker is now setting a new trend for coffee-lovers. Extravagant, lavish, and bespoke to each client’s requirements, the Royal Coffee Maker is a technical masterpiece. The handcrafted 24-karat gold and Baccarat crystal balancing siphon brewers are designed with the most discerning coffee-drinkers in mind, with each one taking a minimum of 50 hours of hand-craftsmanship to finish.

And with each coffee maker requiring hours of fine artisanal handicraft, meticulously worked on by French artists, sculptors, metallurgists and engineers, only six machines are created each month, making the Royal Coffee Maker an incredibly exclusive collector’s piece.

Each set is accompanied by three delicate pieces; the Baccarat crystal carafe; the burner vase; and a matching custom-made coffee scoop, all of which are handmade in France exclusively for Royal. With the attention lavished on each piece and the statement appeal, it comes as no surprise that some of the most exclusive hotels in London, including The Lanesborough, are already home to bespoke Royal Coffee Makers.

The coffee maker pays homage to the antique art of coffee brewing for royalty in the 19th Century, bringing the balancing siphon back to life. This specialist apparatus offers a brewing method which ensures the full, robust flavour of the beans every single time you make a coffee, as well as giving you the option to add spices, liquors, and other additions to the ground coffee before it is brewed.

The unique brewing method utilised by the Royal Coffee Maker is widely considered to be superior to other brewing processes. By the time the boiling water mixes with the coffee, it has already cooled a few degrees, allowing it to extract the oils and desired flavours without producing a scorched taste. The water moves through the handmade pipet to join the coffee, and the coffee is brewed with extended contact with the water, and this combination is maintained at precisely the right brewing temperature. The coffee is then separated from the grounds, which remain in the glass carafe thanks to the gold filter. With no artificial filters or materials involved, the taste of the coffee remains pure and untainted by ‘paper flavours’ which can dilute the aromatic oils found in different strains of coffee. The result is a ‘crystal clear’ coffee, with zero bitterness.

Originally seen in the European Courts during the 1800’s, every part of the balancing siphon has been considered in the Royal’s design. Age-old methods of casting are used to create the brass parts such as the gargoyle, oak leaves, and finials, and once casting is complete the artist fashions each singular detail by hand. Following a sequence of chiselling, brazing and polishing, the artist holds in their hands what is soon to be a perfected Royal Coffee Maker.

Personalisation is one of the biggest luxuries offered by brands today, and Royal Paris doesn’t disappoint on this front. For the statement base, customers can take their pick of black obsidian, sourced from the cooling of lava from volcanoes; genuine Afghan ‘Lapis Lazuli’ Azurite in a pristine blue; or Malachite, which is mined and smelted in Israel for more than 3,000 years.

The coffee maker itself can then be finished in a 24-Karat gold which was engineered by metallurgists into a custom-alloy, allowing Royal Paris to achieve the exact shade and hue of gold the designers envisioned. For an equally classic look, a soft white silver can be used to finish the coffee maker, with all silver being extracted directly from the earth’s surface in its purest form.

For those seeking something a little more unexpected, Royal Paris’ also offers the coffee maker in a smelted copper, polished to a lustrous finish. The copper is mined and extracted from independently owned quarries, and the signature rose glow is obtained by sourcing copper which has acquired a patina with age. The master craftsmen of Royal Paris can even engrave your family crest or initials into the finish for that final exquisite touch.

And the final result, is a Royal Coffee Maker which has been engineered to create coffee of the purest quality, and designed to fit all of your personal specifications. Each Royal is identified with a number before being taken through one final test by the Parisian master craftsman.

The hallmark of Royal Paris is the attention to detail and commitment to individual work over ‘mass finishing’ or mass production. It is this care that is taken throughout the creation of one piece, which ensures a bespoke finish to your Royal Coffee Maker and delivers a true objet d’art into your home.

If you’re looking for a classier way to attain your caffeine-fix, opt for only the best: fine details, thorough plating, hand-finishing and personalised artistry make the Royal Coffee Maker the most obvious, and tailored, choice.

This really is the world’s finest coffee maker.

The Royal Coffee Maker is available to purchase online, with a selection of finishes and bases available to commission. Dependent on personalisation, prices start from US $15,500 to US $24,000.

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