An objet d’art.

A technical masterpiece.

Seldom has one invention captured the imagination of so many. The origins of a Royal brought together the world’s finest glassmakers, mathematicians, goldsmiths and engineers to impress on the aristocracy and provide a daring proof of concept.

Man could finally, ingeniously, harness some of the world’s oldest natural elements together with the newly discovered — as fire, steam, pressure, vacuum and gravity combined to blend some of the finest strains of coffee known in the New World.

A history in the art of taste

Unlike today’s modern coffee makers and machines, a Royal leaves nothing to chance — where every minute process becomes a foregone conclusion and an exact science — as the system seals the delicate aromas and flavours to create a coffee unlike you have ever tasted.

A step-by-step

brew process.

As boiling water moves through the handcrafted pipet, it has already cooled the critical few degrees required before reaching the grounds. The result: coffee and water meet at the perfect temperature to extract the delicate oils and flavours, but not so hot as to impart a ‘scorched’ taste. The elegance in how a Royal accomplishes this must be noted in how the coffee is brewed by extended contact with water, maintained at precisely the correct brewing temperature, after which the coffee is immediately separated from the bitter grounds — which remain in the glass carafe by way of a gold filter. As a Royal delicately balances its temperatures, the water never physically ‘boils’ when it comes in contact with the grounds.

This is just one example of how each Royal is individually tuned by our craftsmen to brew the purest coffee. There are no artificial filters to impart a ‘paper’ taste, nor to dilute the aromatic oils that give the different strains of coffees their unique taste.

The coffee from a Royal can best be described as ‘crystal clear’, with a great purity of flavour and aroma — and no bitterness added by the brewing process.

Fastidious detail.

View Royal’s distinctive features, born from age-old techniques passed down from generation to generation. Our Parisian artisans combine to lavish more than 50 hours of workmanship to each Royal.

View handcrafted options and specify your finish.

With a Royal, everything is possible.